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My name is Elisabeth Reisinger and I am currently affiliated with the Department of Musicology and Performance Studies (imi) at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna (mdw), where I conduct a research project on performers as commissioners of new music in the twentieth century.

My research articulates a relational conception of music as a vibrant and dynamic sociocultural practice. I am further driven by an inherent interest in the relationships, networks, and agencies of musical actors, as well as the dynamics in the field of patronage. While in my diploma thesis I dealt with the institutional structures and economies in which musicians were embedded in the early nineteenth century, my dissertation was positioned in the field of patronage research and focused on Maximilian Franz of Habsburg-Lorraine, Elector of Cologne, as a musical actor and patron in the second half of the eighteenth century. In the course of this work, I specialized in dealing with primary sources, especially from the perspective of biographical research. In an additional research project on Franz Liszt, I further focused on one performer and broadened my research scope in the fields of performance and reception history. Thus, my research on musical actors and their sociocultural agencies spans a time period from the early eighteenth to the late nineteenth century, not only utilizing musicological methods but also applying methods from cultural and social history as well as sociology.

With the research presented on this website, I apply this general approach to the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, highlighting the economic and creative involvement of performers in processes of musical creation and repertoire formation.

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